Presentation Mode on Projectors: 12 Days of Hanutech, Day 7

When your laptop is connected to a projector, it usually projects a copy of your laptop screen. However, most teachers don’t realize that the projector can act like a second screen that shows different stuff.

This is a feature built right into your laptop, it is easy to set up, and it is super dooper useful.
  • Display lesson plan notes while showing PowerPoint/Google Slides.
  • Keep resources prepped and ready for later use in the lesson
  • Get work done while students are watching a video
  • Keep your email open without the students being able to see it.

Keep reading for setup instructions for your HP laptop or Mac.


On your HP Laptop…

  1. Plug in your projector and turn it on (don’t skip this step).
  2. Go the Start Menu and choose All Programs > Accessories > Connect to a Projector

  3. Choose the Extend option.
    This treats your projector like second screen that is attached to the “right” of your laptop.

  1. Drag items from the “left” laptop screen onto the “right” projector screen.

On a Mac….

  1. Plug into the projector (don’t skip this step).
  2. Go to the Apple Menu and choose System Preferences > Display
  3. Choose Arrangement
    This only appears of a projector is plugged in.
  4. Uncheck Mirror Displays


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