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Share Resources the Easy Way with a Shared Google Drive Folder

Google Drive makes it easy for teachers to collaborate on resources such as handouts, assessments, worksheets, etc. By setting up a shared folder in a Drive, teachers can easily upload documents and see what else others have shared.

One great example of this is when teachers of the same course (say, 9th Grade Science) want to share quizzes, labs, assessments, projects, etc with each other. These teachers can upload their own work, and browse the work that others have uploaded as well.

Create a shared folder. Open your Google Drive in a web browser and click on Create > Folder. Give the folder a name and click "Create."
Check the box next to the file, and click the "Share" button at the top.
Choose your collaborators, and give them the "Can edit" permission. Click "Send" when done. That's it! Now you can upload files of any type into that Google folder. All files in the folder are automatically shared, so you don't have to sha…

Google Docs Add-Ons!

Google Doc users will notice a new menu item when they create a Google Doc called "Add-ons."

This lets you select from a variety of extras that you can use to increase the functionality of Google Docs. There are 35 Add-ons available (at the time of this posting), although teachers especially may be interested in these:

EasyBib: integrates citation references into a document, much like the EasyBib website.Thesaurus: Just what it sounds like - helps you find synonymsMerge and Avery Mail Merge: lets you merge data in a Google Spreadsheet into a Google Doc.Highlighting tools: implements highlighting functions, great for reviewing a documentVexTab Music Notation: allows you to add musical notes and staves into a Google Doc.
To use one of these addons, simply click the "Add-ons" button in the menu of your Google Doc [Don't see an Add-ons menu? It may be a few days before Google rolls it out to everyone.] Choose the Add-on you like, and follow the directions.  They…