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Google Classroom: 2. Adding Students

Continuing the series on Google Classroom, here is a short video on how to add students into your Classroom. It covers both how teachers can enroll students by name, or how students can use a class code.

Other videos in the series:

Creating Your ClassroomAdding Students

Google Classroom: 1. Creating your Class

I'm working on a video series about Google Classroom for teachers. The idea is that each video will be super short (just a few minutes) and will cover one particular topic.

Today's topic is Creating Your Class.

Future topics planned:

Adding StudentsSending an AnnouncementCreating an Assignment ("Read this" or "Go to this link")Creating an Assignment ("Submit a document")Creating an Assignment ("Fill in this worksheet")How students turn in workGiving parents access to your Classroom calendar Do you have ideas for other topics for me to work on? Tell me in the comments!  :)