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Backup Your Files to Google Drive (from Windows)

One of the most important things a teacher can do over the summer is to backup his or her digital files. Depending on your school and its data system, your files might or might not be automatically backed up by your IT department. Regardless, it is never a bad idea to create your own occasional backups, so you have access and control when you need it.

The instructions below will take you through backing up any documents you may have stored on your Windows laptop or desktop. [Another post will cover similar procedures for Mac computers.]

Here are the basic steps we will follow:

   Find your files   Create a backup of your files (zipped, for easy moving)   Copy the backup to someplace safe.
Step 1. Research: where are your files? Before we start clicking and copying we should do a little thinking. There are a lot of places you can store files on a computer, and it is a good idea to think through these places before you begin. You will want to back up each of these places if you store im…

Take Your Google Docs With You Before You Graduate

Taking Your Google Data With You Before You Graduate:  Google Takeout

Students who use Google Apps in school can amass a large number of docs, presentations, etc, representing a huge amount of academic work. Because these docs are stored in the cloud, you could lose them when your school deactivates your account after you graduate. 
Fear not! Google Takeout lets you download and save all of the Google Drive and Gmail data that your created when you were in school.

Go to
If prompted, sign in with your school Google Account.
. Scroll down and turn OFF the data that you do NOT need to save.
This is up to you. You know best which services you used and need to archive.
NOTE: There are limits to the number of times you can archive your data, so choose wisely the first time.