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Holiday Activites for Filler Time: 12 Days of Techmas, Day 12

It happens to all of us -- the test, quiz, or activity we planned for the day-before-vacation finishes 20 minutes early, and we're stuck with a bunch of energetic teenagers hopped up on candy canes and Hershey kisses
Never fear! I've got stuff for you to entertain the class with, to keep them happy and manageable! 12Days Gift Hunt - what does it cost to give the gifts of the 12Days of Christmas song?A Brief History of Santa Claus - cute 4 min video on how the modern Santa came to - learn how to play, and then play online!Design a Gingerbread House - virtual Gingerbread houses (but turn off the music!)Holiday Hangman - virtual hangman with Holiday words (come to think of it, you probably don't really need technology for this....)Google Santa Tracker - loads of games, activities, and cute stuff!
I hope everyone has a great last day before break, an fun and restful vacation, and a Happy New Year! 

Quizzes in Google Forms: 12 Days of Hanutech, Day 11

Google Forms now gives teachers the ability to create self-grading quizzes. You enter the questions and the answer key, students take the quiz online, and bam! Instant assessment!
Go to your Google Drive
Click the blue NEW button, hover over More > and then choose Google Forms
Create the Google Form as usual, including questions with multiple choice or checkbox formats.

Best Practices Tips:
- number your questions. This makes it easier for students to track their progress while taking the quiz, and for review afterwards.
- add a question where students enter their name (just in case of any log in issues)

Note: You can also add text- or paragraph-based questions, but they will not be auto-graded. You would have to come back and ready them one by one.

In the top right-corner, click the three dots, and choose Settings

Windows US (International) Keyboard: 12 Days of Techmas, Day 10

MS Windows can interpret your laptop’s keyboard in different ways. By default, your laptop is probably set up for the US keyboard. However, this keyboard makes it difficult to type international characters such as ñ, è, and ö -- you have to remember a bunch of esoteric keyboard shortcuts like Alt+0209.
As an alternative, you can change your laptop’s keyboard setting to the US (International) keyboard. This makes the typing of symbols much easier. The International Keyboard is set up so that, when you hit any of the following symbols and then an appropriate letter, it adds the symbol to the letter:
Symbols: ~  `   “   ‘ Examples: Type ~ then n  to get  ñ Type ` then a to get à Type ‘

Fine Arts Software: 12 Days of Hanutech, Day 9

Here's a little tech love for the fine arts!
There are all sorts of reasons to incorporate fine arts into a project, and there are a lot of software tools that let kids (and grown-ups!) be creative and artistic. Often, fine arts are best with real-world materials like paint and clay, but sometimes software allows us to look at art a different way, to do things we couldn't do in the real world, or simply to be artistic without the supplies or cleanup.
And of course, many of us use art to express our own creativity, or to relax and meditate. I've used many of these for my own creative art and music projects, and I thought you might enjoy them, too!
Some of these tools work well on in Chrome and on Chromebooks, while others require Windows or Mac laptops, but all of them are FREE.

MuseScore Music composition and sheet music Windows and Mac Soundtrap Music recording studio Chrome Audiotool Music synthesizers and drumkit Chrome Art

Pixlr Photo editing Chrome Boxy SVG

Google Classroom Post Schdeuling: 12 Days of Techmas, Day 8

This little tidbit makes your Google Classroom posting even easier.
When you create a new announcement or assignment in Classroom, you have the option to schedule a post for a later date. This is a great way to prep your week's Classroom posts on Sunday night, and have them automatically pop up on the correct day.
When you make your next assignment or announcement, click the little arrow next to POST
This gives you a dropdown list of choices: Post = Post this message to your stream right nowSchedule = Enter a date and time and the post will be automatically post itself thenDraft = Save this message, but don't post it until I say so Any announcements or assignments that are "scheduled" or "drafts" will be hidden away at the top of your stream in the "Saved posts" section.
A simple feature, but very handy!

Presentation Mode on Projectors: 12 Days of Hanutech, Day 7

When your laptop is connected to a projector, it usually projects a copy of your laptop screen. However, most teachers don’t realize that the projector can act like a second screen that shows different stuff.

This is a feature built right into your laptop, it is easy to set up, and it is super dooper useful. Display lesson plan notes while showing PowerPoint/Google Slides. Keep resources prepped and ready for later use in the lesson Get work done while students are watching a video Keep your email openwithout the students being able to see it.
Keep reading for setup instructions for your HP laptop or Mac.