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Google Drive for MS Office Users

One of the biggest hurdles for teachers in using Google Drive and Google Docs is making the transition from MS Office. Google Docs are great for sharing and collaborating, but not so great at complex formatting. If you have years of worksheets, quizzes, memos, and other documents (all carefully formatted), you are rightfully reluctant to lose all of that work.

However, the big secret is that you don't need to transition from one to the other. You can use the best of both worlds, together, choosing to use Google Docs for sharing and collaboration, and MS Office for more complex documents.

This tutorial is designed to show you how to use Google Drive with MS Office together, and keep using Office whenever you want. It will cover these topics:
Getting your files into your Google Drive.Installing Awesome Drive to to launch MS Office files from Google Drive.Installing the Google Drive Plugin for MS Office to open/save files into your Google Drive from within Office  1. Get your files i…