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22 BYOD Activities That Work With Smartphones

BYOD is not just about students carrying laptops and tablets. BYOD allows us to rethink the power of having a tiny, portable computer that is constantly connected to the internet. There are so many ways that teachers can use smartphones to enhance their lessons and curriculum. Sure, you wouldn't want to type a Master’s thesis on a smartphone, but you can certainly author a few basic paragraphs to begin your rough draft.

Below is a list of middle school and high school activities that you can use in your classroom that work well with smartphone technology. Basic researchInternet scavenger hunt: Students use basic Google searches to find information.
“Name 2 US presidents who were unmarried while in office.” Givens in word problems: Students look up missing parameters in word problems.
“Calculate the momentum of a baseball thrown at the speed of the world’s fastest pitch.” Fact checking: During class, students can be responsible for finding/verifying current events topics.
“On April 14-…