Google Drawings! 12 Days of Techmas, Day 10

To celebrate the holiday season, I'll be sending out 12 Days of easy classroom tech ideas you can use right away! 

Weekend Edition!
Day 10: Google Drawing

A little used feature of the Google Apps system is Google Drawings. I think this is because of its name: it seems to imply free-hand drawing on a computer, which may seem of limited use to most teachers.

A Barely-Educational Example (Keep reading for better examples!)

However, free-hand is the least useful tool in Google Drawings. Where it really shines is in free-layout text and shape drawing

Google Drawings is perfect for making concept maps and graphic organizers. You can make an organizer and share it with your students, or they make make their own.  

Maybe these examples I whipped up might seem more educational:

Concept Map about Fine Arts

[Ironically, the example concept map of Fine Arts above is an ugly color-tastrophe, but students less lazy than I could spend the effort to make it look nice.]

Comparing Holidays Word Graph

Who Uses Math? Venn Diagram

Actually, I'm having fun making these examples...I could go on and on!

Vocab Sorting, Ready for Students

These drawings also have all of the sharing and collaboration tools of a Google Doc, so students could work in groups to sort vocab words.

Like any Google doc, a Google Drawing can be created from the Google Drive. Click "New" or "Create" and choose "Google Drawing."

I hope you and your students have as much fun using it as I had making the examples! Cheers!


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