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Math and Science Equations in Google Docs

Students and teachers can insert fairly complex math and science equations into their Google Docs using a seldom-noticed feature called the Equation Editor. It can be accessed through either View > Equation Toolbar or Insert > Equation...

It's pretty powerful, once you get the hang of how the cursor works. It's great for equations with numerators and denominators, and for numbers with subscripts and superscripts. If you use shared Google Docs in your science class, for example, this makes it easy to include formulas in lab reports or other assignments.
Bonus points: Do you recognize the three equations in my example?

Integrating Technology: Don't Over-Plan?

Have you ever been to an over-planned party? One where the host or hostess has planned every minute of the party so carefully that the guests felt like marionettes? Where the host or hostess, in effect, says "Stop having that un-managed fun, and come over here to do my structured fun instead?" This party planner knows that preparation is vital to a great party, but has not yet learned that the guests need to be able to participate naturally. Some fun can be planned in advance, but some fun must happen spontaneously, based on who attends. Now go back to that last paragraph and change the party to a classroom, the hostess and guests to teacher and students, and the fun to learning. Go ahead, I'll wait here.
We can't help it. We plan. Teachers are planners. It's what we do.
To keep our students as productive as possible, we plan our classroom management procedures carefully. We prepare rules that keep students focused, and we keep tricks and tools up our sleeves to…

Make a Slideshow of Your Instagram Photos

This was specifically written for someone a making a slideshow to display before a large group presentation. The directions are specific for a Windows 7 laptop. Feel free to adjust them to suit you own needs!

Get your Instagram picturesGo to Click "Sign in with Instagram" and sign in Choose "All my photos" and click "Start Export" Let it work for a few minutes Click the little "Download only" link to save the zip folder. Open the zip folder and click "Extract all files". Click on "Desktop" and then click "Make New Folder." Make a folder called "Instagram Export." Click "Extract." Install PhotoStoryGo to and click the big green "Download Now" button.The specs label this download for WinXP, but it works just fine on Win7 as well. Run the downloaded file to install PhotoStory. You can accept all defaul…

Little-known Moodle Tip: Using your Moodle Logs

Moodle keeps track of when users access it and make changes. Teachers can use the logs to see if/when students open the course, open a resource or activity, and contribute a file, forum post, or other schoolwork.
To use this feature of Moodle, open your course and look in the “Administration” block.  Click the “Reports” link. This brings you to a screen with a lot of options.  They are not well labelled, but they allow you to narrow your search.  In orderfrom left-to-right, they let you select: The course to view All students or choose one student All days or just one day All assignments or just one assignment Type of action, such a when a student “views” a resource or “adds” a file. Display results now or download to a text doc or spreadsheet.
This can be a very useful tool. You can see if students are accessing your course materials and when, and get a very specific list of their coursework.