Google Classroom Post Schdeuling: 12 Days of Techmas, Day 8

This little tidbit makes your Google Classroom posting even easier.

When you create a new announcement or assignment in Classroom, you have the option to schedule a post for a later date. This is a great way to prep your week's Classroom posts on Sunday night, and have them automatically pop up on the correct day.

When you make your next assignment or announcement, click the little arrow next to POST
Inline image 2
This gives you a dropdown list of choices:
  • Post = Post this message to your stream right now
  • Schedule = Enter a date and time and the post will be automatically post itself then
  • Draft = Save this message, but don't post it until I say so
Any announcements or assignments that are "scheduled" or "drafts" will be hidden away at the top of your stream in the "Saved posts" section.
Inline image 3
A simple feature, but very handy!


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