Chromebook FAQs: 12 Days of Techmas, Day 8

12 Days of Hanutech, Day 8: Chromebooks FAQ

Since Chromebooks became a major topic of conversation at my school, there have been lots of questions about how Chromebooks work. As today's tech treat, I'm sharing a little FAQ sheet that compares how laptops and Chromebooks work. Here are a few examples:

Can students work without an internet connection?
Laptops: yes, they can create, edit, and save files on the hard drive
Chromebooks: yes, they can create, edit, and save files in “offline mode,” which will sync next time they are online

How long does the battery last?
Laptops: 2-3 hours
Chromebooks: 8-12 hours

You can check out the rest of the questions and answers in the doc below!
Have suggestions for other questions? Comment below!


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