Kahoot!: 12 Days of Techmas, Day 7

Kahoot is the cool new review app that is raging through classrooms across the country. It combines quick review question quizzing with the best elements of gaming.

The idea is that you make short multiple choice questions based on quick recall -- vocabulary review is a great example. On your computer and projector, you display the question, and students can respond on their laptops or smartphones. There is music and a timer, and the students get points based on how quickly they answer.

What's difficult to express in a post like this is how fun it is for students to play. The Kahoot makers have really added some of the secret sauce that makes video gaming fun, and it has a wide appeal for grades 3-12. Don't let the bright colors fool you -- high school age kids really enjoy reviewing with Kahoot (my 9th grade daughter and her friends say that Kahoot reviews are the best part of their Spanish and Social Studies classes).

It's freeeasy for teachers to use, super easy for students to use, and works on virtually any device. And it's wicked fun.

You can check it out and try a game at https://getkahoot.com/ and students access your Kahoot activity at https://kahoot.it.


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