Google Santa Tracker (Plus a bonus Star Wars tip!): 12 Days of Techmas, Day 12

For the last day of tech tips, I wanted to give you some fun stuff you can share with your students (or savor for yourselves in free minute or two).

This year, Google expanded its Santa Tracker program into series of online games, learning activities, and cartoon animations. They call it Santa's Village: it started with five activities, and they added a new one every day in December.

This is great for students (and adults) with a little time to kill waiting for the Winter Break. It is designed as a "fun for everyone" kind of event, suitable for all ages.

Here is a list of my favorite parts of the Santa Village activities:
  • Learn Code Lab - kids learn basic coding my moving your elf around the map
  • #1 Season of Giving - online coloring book about environmental issues
  • #3 Santa Selfie - give Santa a haircut, beard trim, and decorations to look fabulous
  • #4 Translations - translate and hear common Holiday terms in the world's languages
  • #7 Santa Search - a Where's Waldo type of search game
  • #11 Gumball Tilt - a simple arcade game
  • #13 Elf Jetpack - another simpler arcade game
  • #15 Dance Boogie - kids learn basic coding by making your elf learn to dance!
  • #16 Present Bounce - a puzzle game
  • #17 Map Quiz - match the world countries
  • #18 Call from Santa - enter basic info and get a message from Santa (adult permission required)
  • #19 - City Lights - see photos of how the world's major cities have decorated
Wow, my list of favorites got pretty long! I admit that my daughters and I spent a good chunk of time this weekend playing with these and having a lot of fun together. 

If you have kids, grandkids, students, or a child-at-heart inclinations, you'll love Google's Santa Tracker!

BONUS TIP: Lightsaber Escape
(No Star Wars Spoilers, I promise)

If Santa isn't really your thing, you should also check out Google's Lightsaber Escape. This is an online game that uses the Power of the Force to connect your iOS or Android smartphone and computer to escape from the Death Star!

Visit on your computer. It will give you a URL to go to on your smartphone, to turn the phone into your lightsaber! Then, you play the game by moving your phone around like a lightsaber, and watching the action on your computer screen.It a simple game with some crazy tech behind it!

Thanks for reading the 12 Days of Techmas Tech Tips!  Have a great holiday and a joyful new year!


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