Suggestions: 12 Days of Techmas, Day 9

To celebrate the holiday season, I'll be sending out 12 Days of easy classroom tech ideas you can use right away! 

Day 9: Suggestions in Google Docs

Have you noticed the new way to edit/comment in Google Docs? It's called Suggesting mode, and it's perfect for teachers.

Suggesting mode allows you to type corrections into a student's document, but have those changes highlighted to make them obvious.

For example, in the picture below, you can see where I removed "HPS" and inserted "Holliston Public Schools." It automatically marked my changes in green, and automatically created a comment on the right to show the student what I did.

When the student reopens the document, she sees the changes in green as well as thecomment box on the side. It makes my suggestions really obvious, and she can accept the suggestion (to make the change permanent) or reject it.

This is especially good for minor edits such as grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc, that ought to be fixed but are neither complex nor the focus of the unit you are teaching. 

Bigger corrections ("You might want to restructure this sentence with active verbs.") would still be their own comment box.

To turn on Suggesting mode, click the pencil in the top right corner.



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