Fake SMS Conversations: 12 Days of Techmas, Day 5

To celebrate the holiday season, I'll be sending out 12 Days of easy classroom tech ideas you can use right away!

Day 5: Fake SMS Conversations
This cute little online tool (http://www.classtools.net/SMS/) lets a student create a fake conversation between two people, as if they had been texting each other. It's a fun way for students to show a little understanding of historical figures, famous scientists or mathematicians, or modern day role models.

It's also an easy way for teachers to create little educational jokes. For example, below is one I just whipped up about Napoleon, which I could put in my PowerPoint presentation as a comic relief break.

If you make students do it as an assignment (or extra credit), they send you the link to their finished product (here's mine: http://www.classtools.net/SMS/51_Va3VK9).

It's free (with ads), and is super easy to use!


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