HHS Social Media: 12 Days of Techmas, Day 12

To celebrate the holiday season, I'm sending 12 Days of easy classroom tech ideas you can use right away! 

Day 12: HHS Social Media

I picked the easiest one for our last day before the break! 

We're working on increasing our school's social media presence, to better communicate with parents and the community. Many parents check social media at least daily, and it is a great way to send out "non-essential" notices and photos. We are using social media to help develop a positive, friendly presence online.

If you use FacebookTwitterGoogle+, or Instagram, please consider taking a moment to "Like" or "Follow" HHS! It only takes seconds!

You can participate in different ways:
  • Candy Cane level: Like or follow us!
  • Reindeer level: Like, share, or re-tweet one of our posts!
  • Elf level: Send me photos or news to post on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+!

Privacy Fine Print (just so you know)
Facebook: Liking the HHS Page adds HHS to your news feed, but other people who visit the HHS page will not see your account or Facebook details.

Twitter:Following HHS on Twitter adds HHS to your stream, and anyone who checks the HHS Twitter feed can see your Twitter handle and profile.

Google+: Adding HHS to your circles adds HHS to your stream, and people who visit the HHS site can see you listed and view your Google+ profile.

Instagram: Following HHS adds HHS to your stream, and people who visit HHS can see you listed as a follower. They will only see whatever you set as Public.

Thanks for reading my "12 Days of Techmas" messages! I hope you have a great vacation and a happy holiday season!


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