Google Slides: 12 Days of Hanutech, Day 11

To celebrate the holiday season, I'll be sending out 12 Days of easy classroom tech ideas you can use right away! 

Day 11: Google Slides
Not everyone knows that Google has its own version of PowerPoint called Slides. You access it through your Google Drive just like a Google Doc, but it lets you make and develop presentations. It also has all of the collaboration tools and sharing of a normal Google Doc.

Students' "presentation day" with Google Slides is easier. All the student has to do is share the Slides presentation with you and you can project it normally. No fussy USB drives or emailing large files that don't have the videos properly embedded.

Slides is also really good at converting existing PowerPoint files into Google Slides format. This means you can upload your existing PowerPoint lessons and easily share them with your students.

If you already knew about Slides but haven't looked at it in a while, look again. Google has worked hard on it, and Slides know has all sorts of slick designs and features that make it almost as powerful as PowerPoint.


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