Make a Slideshow of Your Instagram Photos

This was specifically written for someone a making a slideshow to display before a large group presentation. The directions are specific for a Windows 7 laptop. Feel free to adjust them to suit you own needs!

your Instagram pictures

  1. Click "Sign in with Instagram" and sign in
  2. Choose "All my photos" and click "Start Export"
  3. Let it work for a few minutes
  4. Click the little "Download only" link to save the zip folder.
  5. Open the zip folder and click "Extract all files".
  6. Click on "Desktop" and then click "Make New Folder." Make a folder called "Instagram Export."
  7. Click "Extract."

Install PhotoStory

  1. Go to and click the big green "Download Now" button.The specs label this download for WinXP, but it works just fine on Win7 as well.
  2. Run the downloaded file to install PhotoStory. You can accept all defaults and just keep clicking next until it completes the installation.  Then click Finish.

Create a Photostory

  1. Go to your Start menu and click “PhotoStory 3 for Windows”
  2. Choose “Begin a new story” and click Next.
  3. Click “Import Pictures.: Navigate to your Instagram Export folder and select all of the photos you want to include.
  4. In the film strip along the bottom, notice the order of the pictures, and use the left/right buttons to re-order the slides as desired.
  5. Click “Remove black borders” Continually click Yes, pausing only to fix the cropping of a picture as needed. Then click Next.
    If a message about black borders pops up, you can click
  6. If you want a title on any pictures, add it now. Otherwise click Next.
  7. If you want to record voiceover narration, record it now. Otherwise, click Next.
  8. If you want background music while the show plays, click “Select Music” and choose a track.
  9. Click “Preview” to see how it’s coming out. If you see issues, click Back and redo whichever steps need fixin’.  Don’t worry about the small size of the preview, we’ll save it bigger in the next step.
  10. Click Next
  11. Choose “Save your story for playback on your computer”. Give the file a name (and notice where it will save the file.” Then click “Settings.”
  12. If this is for a projector, choose “Profile for computers -4 (1024x768)” Click OK, then Next.
  13. Let the program build the story, and then click “View your story.”
  14. BEFORE you click exit, click “Save Project…” and save the file in a suitable location. This the file you will open again tomorrow if you decide to make changes.If you are 100% sure that you will not need to make changes, you can skip this step.

Your video will be playable on any Windows computer that has Windows Media Player.  It will likely NOT be playable on a Mac, without doing some video conversion.

Good luck!


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