Little-known Moodle Tip: Using your Moodle Logs

Moodle keeps track of when users access it and make changes. Teachers can use the logs to see if/when students open the course, open a resource or activity, and contribute a file, forum post, or other schoolwork.

  1. To use this feature of Moodle, open your course and look in the “Administration” block.  Click the “Reports” link.
  2. This brings you to a screen with a lot of options.  They are not well labelled, but they allow you to narrow your search.  In orderfrom left-to-right, they let you select:
    1. The course to view
    2. All students or choose one student
    3. All days or just one day
    4. All assignments or just one assignment
    5. Type of action, such a when a student “views” a resource or “adds” a file.
    6. Display results now or download to a text doc or spreadsheet.

This can be a very useful tool. You can see if students are accessing your course materials and when, and get a very specific list of their coursework.


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